Composite Resin Fillings


You want to take care of your teeth and keep them as healthy and intact as possible. But cavities can still happen, even if you work hard to prevent them.

Without proper treatment, cavities can cause toothaches and result in further tooth damage. However, if you come to Dental Associates, PC, we can help you restore your teeth with composite resin fillings. Our office in Des Moines, IA, is always open to new patients like you.        

When Do You Need a Filling?

Worried about the health of your teeth? You should visit a dentist every six months to protect against cavities. At your appointment with Dental Associates, PC, we’ll evaluate any dental decay and determine if you need a tooth filling. However, any time you feel pain or notice damage to your teeth throughout the year, you can contact us immediately to set up an appointment.

How Do Composite Resin Fillings Work?

If we discover that you need a filling, we’ll prepare the tooth for restoration. First, we combine the composite resin we use to fill your teeth with a powdered glass filler. We then shape the filler to fit your tooth’s natural structure. Finally, we treat the resin to create natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings. The high-strength resin easily fills cavities and minimizes the impact on healthy parts of your tooth.

Why Dental Associates, PC?

When you need a filling, come to our offices. Our experienced dentists and dental staff ensure you receive attentive dental care. We help you feel confident about any treatment and make sure you stay comfortable during any procedure.  And if you are looking for other dental services, you can take advantage of our comprehensive approach to dental health.

Dental Associates, PC can help you stop the advance of tooth decay with natural-looking white fillings. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists today by calling West Des Moines Office Phone Number 515-225-6742