Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth that make it difficult to eat or smile with confidence? Were you born without a permanent tooth? Consider dental implants as a safe and affordable solution to the gaps in your smile.

The dentists and oral surgeon of Dental Associates, PC are trusted dental implant specialists in Des Moines, IA.  

Dental Implants: How They Help

Implant dentistry is an elegant solution to missing teeth. Your oral surgeon places a miniscule titanium post in the jawbone during a relatively noninvasive, simple procedure. Over time, the titanium bonds with the bone, creating a strong, stable anchor for replacement teeth.

After the oral surgeon or dentist places the post, he or she will cover it with a non-permanent healing cap, which allows you to eat, drink, talk, and smile while the titanium and bone bond. The post is beneath the gum, so it won’t look noticeable.

Most people’s jawbones bond quickly to the post, and the titanium and bone unite completely within six months. Meanwhile, your dentist will create a unique bridge or denture-a replacement tooth suited perfectly for your mouth. When the post is secure, the dentist attaches the new tooth to the post, and voila: a brand new tooth you’ll smile about.

Most people find the entire procedure, from beginning to end, simple and nearly pain-free. You’ll be able to get dental implants without taking more than a day or two off of work, at most, or experiencing a long recovery period.

Trusted Oral Surgeons in Des Moines

Our dentists and oral surgeon are experienced restorative technicians who specialize in helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Their years of experience and fantastic patient care have made them some of Des Moines’ affordable dental implant providers.

Our facility has a lab in-house, so you won’t have to wait for weeks to receive your dental implants. We work quickly to provide you with custom-made, individualized dental solutions.

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