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What Is Your Favorite Fluoride Varnish Flavor?

Updated: Feb 15

Well, it got your attention! From Salted Caramel to Tutti Frutti, these flavors of fluoride varnishes taste great and provides a barrier of protection for up to 24 hours after absorption!

A flavored fluoride varnish treatment contains ingredients that play a big role in reducing the risk of dental decay. Fluoride has been a compound that is essential in maintaining oral health, building strong teeth, and preventing cavities for ages.

Other ingredients include calcium and phosphate. The combination of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride help support remineralization and preserve tooth structure.

Another ingredient is Xylitol which promotes increased salivary flow and a more balanced ph level, helping to reduce the number of cariogenic bacteria and maintain a homeostatic oral flora. This helps prevent dental caries also known as cavities as well as decreasing the amount of plaque buildup that may occur.

Most fluoride treatments come in the form of a varnish that is applied to the teeth and is left on for a period of four (4) to six (6) hours before brushing it away. During this time, the fluoride is being absorbed into the teeth enamel. This treatment should be repeated two (2) to four (4) times a year for maximum efficacy.

A conversation with your dental professional at Dental Associates, during your routine oral care appointment will determine how often you should be receiving fluoride varnish treatments, along with the benefits fluoride provides in the fight to prevent tooth decay.

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