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Cone Beam

At Dental Associates, PC, we are dedicated to providing quality service with the help of cutting edge technology. We use a variety of advanced tools, from digital x-rays, to same day cerec crowns to our newest addition of cone beam imaging.

Cone beam imaging uses an advanced, 3-dimenstional x-ray scanner to capture the most accurate and reliable images of your mouth, jaw and facial structure. We invest in technology to ensure your diagnosis and treatment are the most accurate they can be. We pride ourselves on precision and excellent care.

Cone beam offers lower radiation levels, faster imaging times, better quality images and can be customized to scan different parts of the face!

1. Lower Dose Of Radiation

Cone beam imaging is an alternative to traditional CT scans. While CT scans are safe and effective, they expose a relatively high dose of radiation each use. A typical CT scan exposure is about 400-1000 µSv (microsieverts).

In contrast, cone beam imaging uses a focused z-ray that only scans the head. This provides comparable results to a CT scanner while reducing the radiation exposure each use. Typically the cone beam scan (CBCT) exposure is only about 50-200 µSv (microsieverts), almost a 75% radiation reduction!

2. Faster Scan Times

CBCT scans usually take 10-70 seconds, depending on the particulars of the scan. This means that you spend less time in the scanner. Additionally, CBCT scanners are open facing, reducing claustrophobia.

3. Better Quality Images

Cone beam imaging can capture images of your bone, soft tissue (gums) and teeth all at once, unlike traditional x-rays. These images are of higher quality than multi-slice CT Scanners and panoramic images. This quality of images allow for precise implant placement, detailed visualization of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) and much more!

4. Can be customized to Scan different parts of the face

A traditional panoramic images, captures a 2 dimensional images of the jaw and tooth structures. This upgraded technology, allows a 3 dimensional image to be captured of a specific area of your face. Allowing our team the best insight into your oral health in fewer scans and images.

With a wide variety of filtering and correction algorithms, our team can easily mitigate interference or other problems that may be present in the scan. This all adds up to a better diagnostic image and better results!

Whether you are having your wisdom teeth evaluated or are interested in dental implants, CBCT provides the most accurate image to ensure the easiest process for you!We are proud to offer this cutting edge technology!

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