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Brushing Your Teeth Is Electrifying!

The battle to brush your kid’s teeth could get a whole lot easier with the help of an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes might seem like a bit of a fad, at first. After all, why spend more for a fancy electric gizmo-gadget when you can accomplish brushing with a good ol’ traditional toothbrush. While it’s true, you can get similar results, an electric toothbrush may make it easier to achieve the lifelong oral health you want for your kids. You can begin to introduce an electric toothbrush to your child as early as the age of 3 with proper adult supervision and necessary assistance.

More efficient brushing:

An electric toothbrush allows parents to take advantage of the efficiency, proficiency and all around mechanical precisions that modern technology allows us to have! These two minutes spent brushing your kids teeth with an electric toothbrush are going to be a lot more effective than using a traditional manual toothbrush to remove plaque, reach those tricky spots, like the back teeth, while helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Electric toothbrushes are able to move tens of thousands of times a minute making the most of those precious two minutes spent brushing.


As adults, we’ve probably brushed our teeth enough times to know how to angle the brush, where and when to move it around to get the most out of brushing in the mornings and evenings. However, kids are learning and developing the dexterity to properly brush. An electric toothbrush is incredibly easy to use, simply apply a pea size amount of fluorinated tooth paste, turn it on, and move it around the mouth until the timer goes off! THAT’S IT! Several types of electric toothbrushes have made it possible to add some fun and excitement to your daily brushing routine for kids including built in timers and fun designs. While two minutes can feel like an eternity, an electric toothbrush takes the timing guess work out of it for your kids.

Ask your dental hygienist at Dental Associates during your child’s visit about how they could benefit from an electric toothbrush in their daily routines. #NCDHM #TinyTeeth

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