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Benefits of a mouth guard when playing sports

Before we know it spring will be here. We will be gearing up for outside activities like soccer, baseball, softball, biking, and many more! As fun as these sports are to watch and play, you should be aware of some potential risks to teeth that can be mitigated and protected with the use of an athletic mouthguard.

As with any sport, there is always a chance your child’s face and smile could be injured. A direct hit to the teeth or jaw with the soccer ball, a fall on the turf, or a glove to the face while sliding into home plate, can all cause a tooth to chip, crack, or even be knocked out.

While a tooth may appear fine, there is always a chance a fracture could have occurred which may not be seen and could increase the risk of decay or infection unless treated promptly.

However, wearing a custom-made mouthguard can help protect your beautiful smile while still enjoying the game.

You can buy a one size fits all guard from most athletic stores, but the fact is, they simply don’t offer the same level of protection as a custom-made option. A custom mouthguard is made from a detailed impression of your child’s smile during a quick visit to the office. This detailed impression is used to create a mouth guard for a perfect fit over your child’s teeth, providing them the maximum protection from facial injuries. Even if an injury should be sustained, the guard can reduce the risk of chipping, fracturing, or missing teeth.

Our team at Dental Associates, PC can make a custom-made appliance to safeguard your child’s smile against serious injuries while enjoying your favorite sport!

To learn more, call us at 515-225-6742 or ask during their routine visit!

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