dsc_1603_191RT57X72Thomas C. Quick, DDS

Dr. Thomas Quick fancies himself as a professional vacationer-creating travel experiences with his family that impart vigor to the mind. This same passion for his profession is demonstrated to his patients by helping them conquer their dental anxiety and establishing a relationship of trust and genuine care.

Practicing for over 25 years at Dental Associates, PC, Dr. Quick has established himself as a skillful family dentist along with having excellent experience in restoring a beautiful smile through various dental cosmetic modalities. Realizing that patient’s most valued resource is their time, Dr. Quick and his team have been trained to deliver same day CEREC restorations. This limits the need for temporaries and an additional appointment day to deliver the crown. Same Day Dentistry!

Graduating from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and then receiving additional training in endodontic therapy while serving as a Navy dentist are just a few details in Dr. Quick’s resume. Added experience with working hand in hand with oral surgeons in restoring dental implants provides his patients with another level of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Quick has been a Donated Dental Services Volunteer for the Dental Lifeline Network of Iowa for the past nine years. He finds great joy in caring for patients without the financial resources necessary for complete dental care.

Never known to give up a good game of golf with friends and family, Dr. Quick finds the sport very therapeutic. As a past congregational president of the Faith Lutheran Church in Clive, being active with his family in the church also plays an important part of his life.