Dental Associates, PC in West Des Moines is a team of dental professionals prepared to answer all your questions pertaining to your family’s dental health and appearance.  Hygiene therapy, specifically brushing and flossing, are a very integral part of your dental health. You will find that our staff will take the time to explain all procedures as well as why these procedures are part of your dental treatment plan.  


Starting good hygiene therapy habits begins at an early age.  Dental Associates, PC recommends that children have their first visit for a dental checkup at around age 1 or when the first baby teeth appear.  This helps the child feel comfortable about visiting the dentist in the future. Regular check ups should begin around age 3.

During the first visit, our dental staff will be doing the following:

• Gently examine and clean your child’s teeth and gums

• Fight decay and plaque buildup by applying topical fluoride

• Take X-rays to check on permanent teeth

• Evaluate habits like thumb sucking that may affect their oral health

• Our family dentist and staff are friendly, engaging and patient.  All of this will provide a child-friendly atmosphere that will make you and your children comfortable about future visits.